Despite all the helpful tools and recommendations on how to make a day productive, our daily lives are still complex and exhaustive. Some companies provide balanced schedules, and some do not. Different attitudes different goals.

Good results depend on motivation or good mood at least. Sometimes it requires some effort to manage all the tasks successfully until the end of the day.

If your work is monotonous but without strict schedule limitations, here are some tips based on personal experience for diversifying your work routine.

Set alarm properly

Setting up multiple alarms (or “snoozing”) is not a good idea, because each time your brain is trying to fall into a deep sleep each time. As a result, you may be more tired after these short naps than if you sleep less but in one period.

We all want to sleep more, but experience speaks for itself — it is better to spend more time on the morning routine without rushing. Stretch your body, drink your favorite tea or coffee, and treat yourself with a tasty breakfast — all these small things can really set the tone for a whole day.

Manage tasks by priority

This is the most essential part. If tasks are unorganized it may shift the whole project schedule. Setting up priorities, and deadlines, adding files and comments, and an option to track a task stage help to avoid chaos. It is essential to use special tools for task management. 

MyChat messenger with its set of collaboration tools helps to automize some actions dealing with project and task management. 

MyChat Kanban board is a useful tool that stores multiple projects and tasks — all sorted and visibly organized.

Do not skip breaks

Let your brain chill for a while. There will always be more work, and more tasks, but keeping your physical and mental health is a must.

Avoid useless distractions

Breaks are good, but only if not wasted on useless scrolling on social media that literally can devour a large amount of time. TikToks, Youtube videos, streams — all of this can wait 🙂 

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