MyChat 2024.2 was released on February 22, 2024.

Complete history sync from the server

Business messaging is important and must perform perfectly without interruptions and missing context.

Previously, if you installed MyChat on a new computer, you were only able to read the last 100 messages loaded from the server. But you know that your account contains way more messages than that. How to view them without opening the Admin console?

To solve this issue, we have added a full message history synchronization on the MyChat Client for Windows. It works automatically, and you can use the application during the whole process.

Message preload in MyChat Client

This feature deals with the synchronization process. It won’t look something special for you if you use modern messengers 🙂 The trick is the more you scroll up in the chat dialogues, the more messages will preload until you stop scrolling.

Displaying UNC links and absolute paths in the chat

Links like “c:\temp\“, “\\\public” are automatically detected by the program to correctly display them in the chat. They are clickable and open the Explorer with a file or folder located in your network.

Other improvements

The command /mini for minimizing the chat window size no longer switches to the console.

Optimized images for Android and iOS applications. The setting reduces the initial size of the image to FullHD allowing to send images faster with quicker previews.

Official release article:

MyChat 2024.2 — full history synchronization and message preload

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