Nowadays, we consume most information from the internet. All governmental services have their own websites, where they post helpful information for citizens. Usually, we trust official media resources, which is why it is important to keep them well-protected.

The importance of digital security on a national level

As Ukrainian developers, we understand how digital security is essential on a national level. Our neighbor country russia started a full-scale war on February 24, 2022. A couple of days prior, our digital resources faced a load of various attacks.

Russian hackers attacked the websites of local authorities in almost all Ukrainian regions: they posted russian propaganda slogans, and threats trying to cause panic and confusion among people.

Luckily, our authorities reacted quickly and removed all the trash from the websites. In such complicated times, well-adjusted communication means everything. Just imagine, you wake up and all the official media say that your country does not longer exist. Who would not panic?

Improving digital security on a national level is a serious task, as a lot of factors matter. We highly recommend reviewing and improving your privacy.

Main security measures to prevent hostile attacks

  • DDoS Protection and firewalls to keep all essential services online. DDoS protection monitors traffic searching for suspicious activity and notifying if any.
  • Access control. Providing strict rules for accessing data can slow down the attack by complicating the process itself.
  • Encryption is a must. 
  • Network Segmentation. Something belongs to the public and something is not. This method helps keep critical networks safe and aside from public access.
  • Physical security. Storing data that deals with government work and information about citizens in cloud services is very dangerous. Self-hosting is one of the safest options to avoid third-party interference and cyber attack. When deploying a server in an organization network, you are fully in charge of any action made on this server. 
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