MyChat 2024.1 was released on January 18, 2024.

This version does not contain any major changes or features. We have started a year with bug fixing and performance improvements to make MyChat faster and more reliable.

Managing bug reports

An updated system for bug reports allows us to perform troubleshooting faster. Precise information about a bug saves time and minimizes any inconveniences in the work process.

MyChat 2024.1 improvements for mobile applications

Now both mobile applications for iOS and Android can display formatted text correctly.

Moreover, in MyChat for iOS, you can send not only files but videos too.

Minor improvements

You can set up the call window size and its position on multiple monitors if you have one.

MyChat Client started to process commands more quickly than before. Moreover, we have remade technology for repeat program relaunch both for MyChat Server and Client. This improvement increased speed and reliability.

Official release article:

MyChat 2024.1 — technical update

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