MyChat 2023.9 is released on December 12, 2023.

“Silent” messages

Finally, a long-awaited feature is here 🙂 “Silent” messages work in private dialogues and conferences. When a person uses this feature, the recipient won’t see or hear any incoming notification. This technology is very convenient, especially if you like to send messages in the evening or weekend but do not want to annoy a teammate.

MyChat 2023.9 with AI-translated interface

MyChat Client for Windows is now translated into French and Spanish languages too. A kind reminder, that this translation was performed by AI service DeepL, and there are definitely some mistakes that can cause confusion.

We ask our users to help us with corrections, so be free to write us at [email protected] if you notice any mistakes.

New security measure: no program screenshots and text copying

New rules on the MyChat Server for not allowing users to take screenshots of a program window and copy the text to a clipboard for sharing among other applications.

We believe this feature will increase privacy and security for teams who exchange sensitive information via the corporate messenger.

Clear and delete read or unread private dialogues

Feeling overwhelmed by all the dialogues in your messenger? Then just delete them 🙂 But do not worry, that is just a visual trick and you can always re-open the dialogue from the contact list, or any other possible way.

More details are in the official release article:

MyChat 2023.9 — sending messages in “silent” mode

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