A new version of MyChat is finally here!

Last year, we released only one version which is unacceptable, but we have an excuse. Today, on January 19, we roll out an update with important changes.

A new system for versions

First of all, as you have already noticed, the MyChat version number is different from the previous ones. We decided to change it in order to make everything clear and understandable for regular users. 2023 is the year of release, and the number 1 stands for a version that was released within the current year.

No updates for outdated servers

Secondly, we have changed a bit our licensing policy. Now all the outdated servers won’t receive PUSH messages and technical support from our developers. However, the server will continue its work but with limitations that are usually applied to a free version.

What is the difference between free and commercial versions of mychat?

Voice conferences

And the third main news is that MyChat finally got voice conferences!

For now, this feature works in beta mode for Android, Linux, and macOS devices. Join and help us to improve this important collaboration tool for teams!

Download the latest version of MyChat on the official website

Various improvements

We have also changed the display for MyChat contacts lists — now you can view the offline users too. Added a lot of event scripts for those who want to intercept Kanban actions and extend its options.

New QR codes in users’ profiles on the server help administrators set up a mobile application for users without additional actions.

In MyChat 2023.1 it is also possible to ban certain operating systems from connecting to MyChat Server. The server itself became faster due to reduced traffic consumption.

If you do not like the bot Elisa, you can hide it by checking the box on MyChat Client.

Sending files and photos via the “Share” menu is now available on Android.

Official news:

MyChat 2023.1 — beta audio conferences, new versioning scheme

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