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At least once a year, we feel powerless. Usually, it happens in winter when there can be no single sunbeam for weeks or even months. The lack of vitamin D leads to chronic tiredness and permanent sleepiness, which also leads to work stress. Bad moments accumulate into one big problem — burnout. A person feels like it’s enough for them and simply collapses mentally.

To prevent ourselves from such an unpleasant scenario, we should analyze things that cause burnout. We gathered some information based on our own experience and observation and want to share it with you.

What are common factors that lead to burnout, and what are possible solutions?

  • Not taking vitamins during cold seasons. First, consult your doctor and ask what group of vitamins is relevant for you. You may not realize how the lack of one vitamin can change general well-being. 
  • Not eating properly, skipping food, or eating unhealthy. This is not new. If our body does not receive all the necessary nutrients, it starts acting differently in a not good way. 
  • Not taking breaks. Yes, once it’s done we can have fun, but doing everything in one sitting is a huge stress for your brain. If a company allows breaks (as it should, we are not robots), use them to relax and “reload” from routine.
  • Not delegating tasks meant for other people. If you feel that a task is not related to your occupation, discuss it with a manager and delegate the task to a person who is more competent in a certain field of knowledge.

    There are also a lot of tools for office work that help to organize all the assigned tasks and track their status without chaos and misunderstanding.

  • Overstimulating yourself instead of good rest. There is life after work, and we always try to get every moment of it by sharing our free time with friends, and relatives by doing various outside activities because it feels like the right thing to do. However, if you feel like sleeping all day or spending time on your own interests, do not feel guilty about that. Sometimes, our mental health needs a few quiet days to recharge.

To summarize, a human system is similar to a digital one — once everything is configured correctly, and without overloading, it will solve tasks properly 🙂

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