Each organization is a different world with its rules, agendas, policies, etc. However, in the era of global digitalization, there is a certain set of cybersecurity mistakes people make when working with modern tools for collaboration.

The reason is that most of us do not take the virtual world equally to a real one. Some people still think the internet is only for entertainment and there is nothing serious happening there. But the generation who grew up with rapid technological development knows the truth.

As more people are willing to share their data over the internet as more it attracts criminals who want to get it for various reasons — for fun or malice. To protect personal information or save a business from a data breach a company must avoid the following cybersecurity mistakes:

Ignoring team training and cybersecurity recommendations

If a person does not aware of possible threats, how to avoid them, and can’t react quickly to what occurred, it may lead to a data breach and other harmful things. For example, an employee using a device with public messengers in an on-premise environment is already a threat.

They may not realize that essential data shared over the internet instantly becomes the public domain. The organization should enlight its team about basic privacy measures required for a company.

Thinking that it is not going to happen to you

Any business is a potential target. There are a lot of data hunters over the internet who collect information to sell it. If you think that your organization does not store any valuable information, you are wrong. There is a team of employees who trust a company with some piece of personal information.

Using an outdated software

There are always two types of people: those who update as soon as possible and those who wait until something stops working or else.

Reasons for updating software meme

This is relevant for on-premise companies because when working with a cloud service, its vendors update everything according to their own schedule only notifying users about the update process.

But still, even if you work on a local network, it is essential to use the latest version of a program. Developers fix old bugs, add new helpful features, and improve cybersecurity in case a company decides to work over the internet too. Hackers learn about security flaws quickly, which is why systems for collaboration and sharing must be regularly updated.

Storing data on public or unreliable resources

Any kind of information must be well-protected, especially if an organization stores its customer data. The responsibility for someone’s personal data is a serious thing if you want to keep your good reputation.

Services with public servers (Google Drive, etc.) will never be 100% safe. Cloud storages are always a target for hackers and scammers. Self-hosting is an option if you really care about privacy.

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