In the corporate world, even a name’s appearance matters. We want to describe how to configure compound names for a MyChat user instead of a common nickname and full name.

Usually, a full name is enough. However, some companies need to add an internal number, office room number, or work position. And other companies need email addresses and domain login.

You can’t do it in most corporate messengers. Or you are forced to add needed information in text form to a displayed name as how it’s done in Active Directory, the field “DisplayName”:

Display name sin Active directory
Configuring displayed name

This is not very convenient, as with every new data change you have to manually edit everything. MyChat office messenger provides a better solution.

Templates for displaying the compound names in the chat

In MyChat, we use templates. A user profile contains the following fields: full name, email, phone number, work position, addresses, and other customizable fields where you can add whatever is required in your organization. It is possible to choose a ready template In the MyChat Server settings or create your own. The system automatically creates a displayed name for a user in the chat by using this template.

Configuring compound names in MyChat office messenger
Configuring users’ display names in MyChat team messenger

A couple of examples:

%lastname% %firstname.% (%workphone%)

Miller J. (123) — a surname and shortened name with an internal phone number

%nick%: %workposition%
Gigachad: chief — domain login (or nickname) and work position.

%email% %firstname% %lastname%
[email protected] Joel Miller — email address and first/last name.

%fistname% %lastname% (%workposition%, %workdivdept%)
Joel Miller(survivor, zombie department) — first and last name, work position, and organization department.

Where are names from templates displayed?

You can see compound names everywhere in MyChat: dialogues message texts, common and personal contacts, the Bulletin board, and broadcasts. It is also visible on the knowledge database (internal forum), and when working on tasks on the Kanban project management board.

Displaying compound names for employees in MyChat
How MyChat displays names

If a user changes any information in their profile, the template updates automatically. Other people see applied changes instantly without restarting or configuring something.

How to edit user names using scripts and events on the server?

MyChat Server provides a scripting engine where you can catch various events to create your own logic. For example, an automatic name change for a user connected from a website.

Also, you can send a private message with reflink, user’s IP address and browser’s user agent to an administrator:

Display name of the website visitor in MyChat
Information about a website visitor in MyChat
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