Providing secure remote collaboration in a corporate environment is a necessary action for entrepreneurs.

The main priority is to protect sensitive data (both company and employees) and prevent third-party access. Organizations can learn about various strategies and technologies to enhance their remote workflow.

Why secure remote access is important?

Enabling secure distant access allows people to connect to a corporate network from any device and location without risking confidential data.

Obviously, this procedure must not include unreliable software that can potentially store data about employees and a company. Thus, using public services where all the information is stored on public servers and controlled by a third-party organization is unacceptable.

On the other hand, deploying professional on-premise software help organizations and businesses adapt quickly to modern threats and cybersecurity trends.

MyChat strategy for reliable remote access

MyChat is an on-premise instant messenger that offers tools for secure remote work for distant employees.

  1. Working on a private server
    By installing MyChat Server on the organization’s computer, a team become in charge of all data shared internally and remotely.
  2. User access control prevents external intruders and unauthorized actions.
  3. Traffic logging helps track and detect potential threats and suspicious activity.
  4. Secure file transfer over own FTP provides zero data loss
  5. Regular security updates keep the software relevant and stable against cyberattacks.
  6. Reliable plugins for remote access: Radmin, Ultra VNC, and SysToolsAdmin.
    Radmin plugin is for complete control over someone’s computer in a large network. Ultra VNC plugin is similar to Radmin and is perfect for supporting tech teams, remote education, etc. SysToolsAdmin allows to perform remote computer shutdown or restart.

All these integrated features enable organizations to improve remote collaborations and keep all the tasks in an on-premise environment while being distant from each other.

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