The Internet is not a safe place and never was, to be honest. The freedom of speech and self-expression amazes us each day. thousands of new websites and applications encourage people to create more, explore more, and communicate more. Unfortunately, the digital world is not always a friendly environment.

The generation who grew up during a period of evolving technology in the 2000s learned about the internet and its abilities by themselves which was not a good experience for some people.

Giving kids a mobile device to keep them quiet or busy without educating them is unacceptable. Playing games and internet surfing must be under strict control.

Introducing digital devices to children

A kid holding a phone

We believe that introducing children to the digital world should be step-by-step and under parents’ supervision.

With a simple smartphone, parents can stay in touch with their kids through messaging, calling, and even location tracking.

It is important to explain how a device works, and what its main features and purpose are. Delete unreliable and confusing apps and social media — it is not time for them. Moreover, some companies offer phones or tablets with parental control features which is very useful.

Choosing a safe messenger for communication

Calling is not always convenient which is why we mostly use texting. Sending SMS is an outdated activity since messengers have stepped into the game 🙂 We, adults, have tons of options for communication because we are aware of what these apps and their users are capable of.

But it is a completely different situation for children.

Popular public messengers are a bad choice: they contain advertisements that lead to third-party websites, bots, and store everything on public servers.

A self-hosted messenger is the best option to set up secure communication between parents and kids.

What MyChat features are helpful for parenting control?

MyChat self-hosted messenger provides various features and tools for collaboration, but for parents and kids we highlight the following ones:

  • all information is stored on a private server that you install on a computer at home. Only you are in charge of all the settings and access control (enabling/disabling certain features, if necessary);
  • instant messaging and notifications that pop up on a screen and won’t disappear until a person click “OK” or write something in response. Very helpful when you need to make sure that a kid reads a message and understands it;
  • voice and video calls;
  • secure file sharing;
  • location tracking to make sure your kid is in the right place.

MyChat is a flexible system. You can turn off features you do not need, and enhance available ones to deploy the most secure communication environment for a family.

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