Coherent communication is essential for any successful business. We can already see how companies are increasingly adopting new technologies to enhance collaboration, and productivity based on their unique experience. On-premise and self-hosted business applications are not that popular because you need to put some effort into deploying them. However, in 2024, we can expect them to be more required than ever.

The rise of On-Premise applications

Some public services have already an on-premise form of deployment. Companies that share sensitive corporate information switch from public to self-hosted model and have complete control over their communication infrastructures without external exposure. This level of control offers enhanced security, flexible customization, and reliability. These are base factors for businesses that require high levels of confidentiality or have specific privacy regulatory requirements.

The importance of Self-Hosted software

Modern self-hosted software will gain recognition due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. In 2024, self-hosted solutions will continue to provide businesses with secure tools and personalized features. Self-hosted software deployment allows businesses to host their communication tools on their own servers, affordably, without dealing with expensive and unreliable cloud-based platforms.


Security and data privacy have become critical concerns for businesses since the scandalous Cambridge Analytica case. In 2024, security and privacy concerns will become increasingly significant following the rise of a new wave of AI-generated scam tricks. Old-fashioned hacker methods will be still in the game but they will be more clever and convincing.


In 2024, on-premise and self-hosted business applications will evolve into a better form of private collaboration. Entrepreneurs are interested in keeping their hard work under reliable protection not only physically but digitally too. Deployment of self-hosted software allows companies to keep internal data away from external “chaos” including targeted attacks, personalized phishing, and unstable connections.

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