MyChat 2023.8 was released on Movember 7, 2023.

Another autumn update with useful features and options 🙂

Kanban project management improvements

On MyChat for iOS, you can view all the notifications about assigned tasks. Moreover, you can view the task, comments, and general information, and change the task stage (e.g. “In progress”).

We consider Kanban management very convenient on mobile devices, especially if a person does not have access to a desktop for some reason. It helps to organize work time in advance and keep a person updated on project progress everywhere.

Moreover, on MyChat Server, there is a differentiation between personal tasks and the tasks of other people. This option allows assigned user groups to receive task notifications even if they are not creators or performers.

The final improvement is that you no longer receive notifications about your own actions made in a project. It is unnecessary and confusing.

Deleting own messages in private and group chats

The default limitation for deleting your own messages was 15 minutes. Now you can change this setting on the Admin Panel.

Messages are now deleted faster than before due to additional optimization.

Console command in MyChat Client

Previously, you could only run console commands in MyChat Console. We have added the option to run commands directly in the chat window — the window switches to the console with results. These actions are not shown in the chat window, because it is not a regular message.

Additional conveniences for MyChat Client on Windows and iOS

in MyChat for iOS, conference members have more options: view the list of users, leave a conference, and invite a new member.

Moreover, iPhone users can send files both in private and group chats.

in MyChat for Windows, you can search the text in Google: select the text, right-clicking on it open the menu with the option “Find by Google”.

More details are provided with screenshots in the official release article:

MyChat 2023.8 — kanban update and deleting own messages in the chat

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