Information technology (IT) has become so popular in recent years, that it is no longer a rare profession.

Pandemics forced organizations to deploy a remote and hybrid model of work which allowed people to keep safe and less stressed. Unfortunately, not all jobs can be performed online. That is why people started to learn about IT more and more.

In this post, we want to talk about how MyChat instant messenger can be useful for IT students.

How can MyChat be helpful when making the first steps in IT?

MyChat is a complex tool with a lot of flexible features that allow avoiding installing different programs for different kinds of tasks.

What IT students can learn while using MyChat?

  • MyChat is a self-hosted software. Students can learn how to install a server and configure it for working both internally (LAN) and externally (over the Internet).
  • MyChat provides its own scripting language and engine. Learning how to extend the program’s features is a good experience for IT beginners.
    MyChat Help page contains a whole section dedicated to developers, where you can learn about integrations, and scripts — all with examples.
  • IT students can learn more about professional corporate software and the importance of information security.

What skills do IT students improve while working with MyChat?

MyChat’s versatility allows students to acquire new skills and improve existing ones.

First of all, students learn how to work with a professional instant messaging system: what are the rules of polite communication in group chats and private dialogues; how to correctly use the program’s features to boost productivity, and more.

Secondly, in MyChat, IT students can share code samples directly in the dialogue or on the internal forum with code markup and syntax displayed properly.

Thirdly, MyChat Kanban helps future developers and IT security specialists manage projects and tasks — an essential part of an IT career. The visualized project helps allow students to understand the strongest and the weakest parts of their work.

Other MyChat collaboration features such are screen sharing, bulk messaging, and remote computer access teach how to perform better when working as a team.

Thus, MyChat can easily be a guide to enhanced collaboration and secure communication both for beginners and advanced users.

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