Using a chat widget on a website is essential as it enhances relations between a service provider and a website visitor. Real-time communication helps businesses react quickly and answer any customer’s question immediately.

MyChat widget for customer engagement is a simple yet very convenient tool both for the support team and website visitors.

How to configure a website support widget?

MyChat support
MyChat website support

Benefits for businesses when adding a MyChat widget on a website

What are the perks of placing a support widget on a website?

  • Customer satisfaction. For businesses, the best feeling in the world is when a customer finds a solution to their request as fast as possible. By providing professional help, you build your reputation and increase trust in your business.
  • Customer loyalty. Being able to stay in touch with a service provider that is always ready to help makes a customer more loyal which is the most desirable form of relations for businesses.
  • Feedback. Receiving feedback from website visitors helps to fix any issues quickly. Moreover, it makes a customer an important part of service improvement.
  • Increased sales. One simple solved question can convert into a purchase because being helpful and responsive can highlight you among other businesses.
  • Convenience. Messages from the MyChat support widget are sent directly to the MyChat application on a desktop or mobile device. Also, you can create a task based on a customer question or request, and add it to the Kanban board to visualize weak parts of your service. Thus, you never miss important feedback messages.

Tips on using the customer support widget

It is important to remember, that adding a customer support widget is not enough. Here are some tips on how to manage customer support on the website.

  • MyChat widget must be visible on all pages. However, it should not be annoying. For example, a pop-up message that automatically opens on each page can distract a visitor from the information they are looking for.
  • Do not hesitate to answer, or ask to wait a few moments during rush hours. Most people are not patient and want to find a solution immediately.
  • Be respectful. Answer questions even if they look too obvious to you. A person can have no experience with your business, so it is important to be patient.

Overall, having a support widget on a website might be a key point in relations between a potential customer and service representative.

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