We are always honest with our customers whether it’s about privacy policy, price changes, or interface improvements. It is important to be open about everything from the start — this is the only way to earn trust.

We work with MyChat every day fixing bugs, adding features, and speaking to customers to help them to get along with the application.

Moreover, this is our main communication tool which means we understand its flaws and strong sides like no one else.

Our team of 4 does everything to improve and keep MyChat as convenient as possible even during hard times.

But of course, sometimes there are so many tasks and ideas that we do not know what to start next 🙂

Anyways, let’s take a look at the most relevant advantages and disadvantages of MyChat on-premise instant messenger.


  • Self-hosted server. Owning a private server guarantees complete control over essential data and allows managing users more carefully. A non-public server is not visible to scammers and hackers.
  • Multi-platform. MyChat is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and WEB.
  • A lot of helpful features in one place. Project and task manager, internal forum (knowledge database), broadcast messages with reading control, Bulletin board.
  • Reliable during unstable internet connection.
  • All essential features for collaboration work via a local network without an internet connection.
  • Updates are necessary but not mandatory. If you are satisfied with the current version you can continue working with it without a stressful update process.
  • .One-time payment for online users only. A subscription plan for receiving updates is optional.
  • No trial version. MyChat Free Edition work without time limitation (What is the difference between free and commercial versions of mychat?)


We will try to justify current flaws in MyChat 🙂

  • Self-hosting requires a person who can manage the server.

However, it is not necessary to be a specialist. MyChat is ready to work right after the installation. The manuals, articles, and support team help to set up everything according to a company’s requirements.

  • Graphical user interface.

It’s a bit outdated on the server — 2000s vibe and all 🙂 

  • No video conferences.

It’s temporary. We are currently working on video conferencing and hoping to release it in the next version! Stay tuned!

  • No option to unite servers.

It is a difficult task that we do not know how to solve yet.

  • A free version is only for 20 online concurrent users

Not sure about this one. Judging from our own experience, this number is actually enough for small teams.

Share your thought — what advantage or disadvantage did we miss?

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