Bulk messaging is the ability to message multiple people at once without opening a separate dialogue with each of them.

You know similar features in public messengers like Telegram or Viber, where you create a group, add people, and send messages to all of them at once. This is a very convenient way that save time. However, some flaws make group chats unsuitable for business purposes.

Bulk messaging read status meme

Modern bulk messaging in popular apps is provided by message read status: you can check who read a message and who don’t. But it is still no guarantee that each recipient read it thoughtfully. We all were in a situation when we read a message just to clear the notification badge, or ignore it at all for some reason. This is acceptable for personal messaging, but not for business.

Bulk messaging for business communication

Since using popular services and apps is not safe, we will provide examples based on our real experience with MyChat self-hosted messenger.

Our users frequently face a really unpleasant situation: they send a message to a teammate in private or in work chat, but a recipient either reads without any reaction or ignores it by simply not reading the message. Such behavior can slow down the workflow and create a mess of incompleted tasks.

In MyChat, you can “force” your team to read important messages. Moreover, you can make them provide additional confirmation that they read a message.

MyChat bulk messaging (broadcasts) is a convenient tool that allows notifying a team about important events and discussions with guaranteed read status.

How does it work? You have several options for sending multiple messages:

  • regular notification;
  • notification that requires a recipient to confirm they actually read the message. A person can’t close a notification window until he checks the box:
MyChat must-read message
MyChat message with confirmation check
  • Notification that requires writing a response. This option also does not allow a recipient to close a window until they write a reply:
MyChat must-reply message
MyChat Client: must-reply message

There is more… It is impossible to ignore MyChat bulk messages that require action even if you restart the program or computer 🙂 The message will still pop up above all windows until a recipient performs the required action.

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