MyChat 2023 series of versions brought us a lot of interesting messaging solutions.

The year started with the implementation of a new numeration system. Thus, MyChat versions will be enumerated according to the current year. For example, the next series will be MyChat 2024.1, 2024.2, etc. Less confusion, more convenience.

Best features and improvements in the MyChat 2023 series

  1. Voice conferences appeared in MyChat 2023.1 for MyChat Alternative, Linux, macOS, and Android.
  2. A mechanism for closing and deleting conferences in MyChat 2023.2.
  3. We presented a new Help in MyChat 2023.3 that supports better search. However, it still requires some minor fixes and improvements.
  4. The most wanted feature — message editing — became available in MyChat 2023.4 for private dialogues and conferences.
  5. Improved Integration API in MyChat 2023.5 for better work with trusted services. Also, we re-designed MyChat logs to be compatible with the Syslog. Comprehensive logs are helpful during the debugging process and make the administrator’s life more exciting 🙂
  6. MyChat 2023.6 release article is the shortest one we have ever written 🙂 But in this version, we’ve removed some limitations for a free version.
  7. MyChat 2023.7 has also removed some restrictions: different devices are no longer considered as separate connections.
  8. MyChat for iOS is now able to receive Kanban notifications about assigned tasks.
  9. The final 2023.9 version provides the option to send “silent” messages. We have also added two new languages for the MyChat interface and message localization: French and Spanish. We performed this translation via the DeepL service, which means mistakes are possible. If you notice some of them, please inform us at [email protected]

Overall performance in MyChat has also increased: it has become faster, and less consuming.

Holidays are coming, so we thank all our users for staying with MyChat. We have a lot of plans for 2024 and hope the next year will be full of new ideas.

🎄We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay healthy, stay safe! ❤️

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