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Broadcast messaging in MyChat is the system for bulk notifications for teammates. This tool is similar to Announcements in MyChat — they both deal with quick mass messages sent to a large group of people at once. The feature workі with or without an internet connection (internal LAN).

The differences between broadcast messages and announcements

The difference is that Announcements send to all users registered on the server, and broadcast messages can be sent to a specific group.

MyChat broadcast
MyChat. Creating a broadcast message

For example, you can create departments as contact lists and select them when you need to notify them.

MyChat broadcasts read statuses are under control. A boss wants to be sure that everyone read his message. He selects the option “Must-read”, and an employee won’t be able to close the window unless he checks the box confirming he definitely read it.

MyChat broadcast status
MyChat broadcast read status

If the boss is still not satisfied, he can request a reply from an employee. A person won’t be able to close the notification window until he writes a response.

All the replies can be seen in the private dialogues with each teammate.

MyChat broadcast reply message
MyChat broadcast reply

You can send broadcast messages to offline users. When online they receive a pop-up window above all others.

There is another similar feature called Multicast messages. Do not be confused 🙂 This is a separate tool and deals nothing with Broadcast messages.

MyChat multicast message

In multicast messages, you set up the recipient list only. The main difference from other MyChat notification services is that after sending, you automatically open a private dialogue with each recipient. Also, this message type has no deadlines or expiration dates as broadcasts.

Overall, you chose the most suitable tool for your task:

  • Bulletin board/Announcements for quick notifications;
  • Broadcast messages to notify about important events and request a response, if needed;
  • Multicast messages to open multiple private dialogues for trivial discussions.
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