2023 hasn’t even started but we already see that it won’t let us slack. 

Besides all the severe events including wars, earthquakes, and other awful things, the digital world also suffers from numerous cyber attacks.

Despite all the warnings from security experts, large enterprises and small businesses are equally vulnerable because they mostly use the same services for sharing data. 

Let’s take a look at the most recent data breaches in January 2023.

1. Mailchimp

On January 11th, this email platform suffered from a data leak because of a social engineering attack. The attacker gained access to the company’s employees’ accounts. The Mailchimp team has quickly reacted and identified 133 affected accounts.

Social engineering is a very popular malicious activity that includes various ways of getting data illegally. Data breaches often happen because of improper use of personal information online. When a hacker wants to get information about someone first thing he does is store any available data (including social media) that can help them to perform an attack.

2. T-Mobile

This mobile connection vendor found out that 37 million accounts’ data were exposed. The company is ready to pay for this incident to their customers as in 2021 when they lost $350 million due to another data breach.

When reading T-Mobile’s statement regarding this incident, it seems like they percept people as a source for marketing purposes.

Some basic customer information (nearly all of which is the type widely available in marketing databases or directories) was obtained, including name, billing address, email, phone number, date of birth, account number, and information such as the number of lines on the account and service plan features.

T-Mobile about data breach of January 2023

Just basic information, you know? Nothing special, pals! Gotta spend another couple of million, not a big deal!

That’s how it feels to us 🙂

3. Google Fi

Another telecommunication service from the corporate giant Google faced a data breach because of… T-Mobile! Wait, what?

It turned out, that T-Mobile shared its network infrastructure with Google. Hence, if T-Mobile suffers from a data breach, most likely so does Google Fi. It’s surprising how weird business relations can be. Therefore, Google Fi users should be aware of possible scam calls and phishing messages.

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