Modern business almost completely depends on effective, reliable, and secure communication. Unfortunately, some companies do not count security as essential to business communication.

2023 was generous in cyberattacks. 5,367,966,200 breached records is quite impressive and disappointing at the same time. So much information could have been saved if people paid more attention to privacy measures.

Nowadays, premise software offers many features and custom settings that do not require any special administration skills. But most importantly, professional company chat provides all the necessary privacy measures to keep data within company walls.

MyChat — a premise company chat

MyChat is a company chat, but it does not mean that only corporates can use it. Any team, a large or small one, of any occupation can set the program according to their needs.

MyChat on different platforms
MyChat software

Flexible, all-purpose settings

MyChat management allows configuring every part of communication. You can make some chatrooms invisible to other departments, you can forbid one group of users from using a certain set of features, and allow another set for the other group — all managed by extended User Access Rights.

MyChat User Access Rights

Privacy and data protection

MyChat self-hosted server works on LAN or over the internet. The first option is the safest one because your local work network is not accessible externally.

Working over the internet is also safe with MyChat because the server is not public but it physically works within the company walls: you are in charge of everything and do not rely on third-party managers.

Real-time collaboration, a big set of tools and features

Voice conferences, task management, Bulletin board, bulk messaging, an internal knowledge base for sharing experience, and more.

MyChat is a privacy-focused software that suitable both for premises and remote teams.

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