MyChat updates are regular and not annoying. However, some users still think we release updates too frequently and ignore new versions. In this post, we explain how updating business software is important for secure and reliable information sharing.

What happens when your license expires?

MyChat automatically notifies about an incoming expiration date both on the Admin Panel and client applications. The message disappears as soon as you enter a new key. There is no other way to hide this notification 🙂

Moreover, to avoid distracting a whole team from work, a message about the expiring license is sent to administrators separately.

But a general notification is still visible because it is a reliable way of reminding.

We have no intention to annoy people. The reason is that we all have our own tasks and busy hours and we can simply forget about some reminders. We have received a lot of complaints (expired license is 2 times more expensive) because of missed emails with reminders because it just happens.

Updating MyChat is an essential procedure in keeping business privacy

Why updating MyChat is important, and what are the perks of keeping your up-to-date subscription?

  1. Safety and privacy for data shared in a company. This is the main and default reason for updating MyChat. Each new update brings improvements that reduce the chances of information breaches. Outdated versions often contain security flaws that hackers can use for their crimes.
    The example: MyChat has received new updates with the latest OpenSSL library (remember about the critical flaw “Heartbleed“).
  2. Compatibility with new technologies. New ways of hacking, updated operating systems, and constantly changing privacy policies — all these impact corporate software development. We can’t ignore the requirements for information security, especially when updating the MyChat mobile application for iOS and Android.
    The example: Apple and Google push services are unavailable without updated subscriptions. No push services — no notifications about incoming messages.
  3. Client support. A relevant update subscription allows receiving the latest bug fixes and better support from developers via live chat or official forum. Following the practices of the leading software providers, we offer support for the latest version only.
    If you work with an outdated version that contains issues or flaws, you won’t solve them without updates.
  4. Reputation. A company that follows all the recommendations regarding information security and uses updated software is considered reliable and loyal to its customers and employees.

Helpful tips when updating MyChat

  • Prolong the subscription by more than one year and save the budget on the exchange rate difference.
  • If you have a relevant subscription, you can extend a license by buying the required number of connections.
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