A developer’s code is a result of hardworking and sleepless nights and should be managed properly.

We are not only developing MyChat but using it daily. This program for internal messaging includes all the necessary collaboration tools which allow us to avoid third-party software or using unreliable cloud services. Most frequently used tools in MyChat by our team:

  • Kanban board for managing tasks and projects (very helpful especially during a release day);
  • Internal forum/knowledge base (for useful documentation and sharing experience between team members);
  • Code sharing.

Moreover, the MyChat official help page contains a section for developers with information about the additional abilities of the program.

MyChat scripts

Developers can use ready scripts, modify them, or create their own, and test them right away in the simple code editor.

To share a code sample with a teammate, use MyChat Client insert options:

MyChat source code
Source code in MyChat

To make the code more readable we added highlights for the most popular programming languages.

There is also another way to share the code — the internal forum or knowledge base

MyChat code sample.
MyChat forum — code sample

Developers can safely use code sharing for new teammates for educational purposes or for experience exchange.

MyChat on Android is also able to display the code. It’s less convenient than on a wide desktop screen but still looks better than plain text.

MyChat code preview in Android
MyChat on Android. Displaying the code sample

MyChat instant messaging system is useful for any profession. We have customers from various work fields: teachers, programmers, designers, special effects creators, etc. 

A secure and convenient communication environment is available for anyone who cares about information management.

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