In MyChat, external communication is as safe as internal.

Initially, MyChat developers developed this feature for themselves and did not plan to distribute it. But later, it was decided to implement this tool in the MyChat ecosystem to make it more independent from other services.

Despite the fact, that MyChat is mostly a LAN-oriented app, it works safely over the internet too. Own server allows working privately and controlling any action.

We use MyChat daily. One of the most important tools for us is website support. People send a message and we receive it in MyChat Client right away. As the program supports a multi-login option, we never miss requests from the site.

MyChat support
MyChat website support

The chat with a website operator does not open instantly, but only after typing a name and email address. This measure prevents floods from spammers.

In the MyChat support window, you can send files, images, and make voice and video calls — all these tools help a website visitor to explain his request and solve the issue, if any, quickly.

MyChat support window
MyChat support window

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