We want to break the myth that corporate software is difficult to maintain and manage. We are trying to make MyChat as convenient as possible. It is a real challenge because proprietary software is a complex of tools that should work uninterruptedly.

 However, a person unfamiliar with self-hosting and client-server applications can make mistakes, and we understand why.

Stranger Things
How MyChat may look for new users
  1. Comparing corporate software with public services. These are completely different environments with different policies. Public software/services (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Slack) may seem more convenient as you do not have to really set up everything. On the other side, on-prem software is more about privacy, so it requires more action. For example, MyChat Server processes a lot of actions and contains a set of managing tools for flexible configuration according to a company’s needs.

    How to manage your own server?

  2. Not reading the software description. It happens sometimes when people download software just by reading its title. It’s important to define what exactly a company needs — just a chat or secure messaging system with all the privacy measures.
  3. Not changing the default password for a business server. Keeping your password updated is always important even when working in a local network. It’s just a rule, no explanation is needed 🙂
    How to restore a password in MyChat?
  4. Ignoring documentation. Even if you are an experienced admin or advanced PC user, you should still stick to the manuals provided with the software. Usually a program especially the proprietary one contains some nuances in its configuration that are crucial for creating a secure network environment.
    MyChat Help page with guides and descriptions.
  5. Unsubscribing from newsletters. For example, newsletters from the MyChat team are a chance to receive a good discount for a license or subscription plan, to be notified about the latest updates, or to take a part in feature testing. No useless emails as we care about your and our business time.
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