Finally, after half a year we release a new version on June 14. It was a rough six months, it’s still rough, actually. But we keep going.

Big list of changes, we will talk about the main ones 🙂

MyChat 8.15 for Windows now contains settings for forbidding storing the history of conferences and private dialogues in a local database. A user will be notified with a message banner when this setting is enabled  There is also an option to delete message logs completely.

Users who use such file managers as Total Commander now can send files using a special command — mcclient.exe /sendfile.

New option in a context menu — “Text”, “Clear window” .

In conferences, it’s possible to change the topic, if necessary.

MyChat 8.15 for Android is also got a setting for not allowing history storing in the local database. Moreover, there are administration tools when tapping on a user’s avatar — if you have sufficient rights you can ban, block, disconnect, or fire a user in a conference.

MyChat 8.15 for iOS is improving non-stop.  We fixed known issues and currently trying to make the app features equal to the Android version.

Updated MyChat Server.  We added a debugging command to manage possible issues when working with media calls in MyChat.

Now it’s possible to check if ports are available on Admin Panel.

A new rule forbids a user to send a message at a conference.

Improved work for photo importing from the domain — the better speed with a reliable cache system.

Official news article:

MyChat 8.15 — big service pack

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