We switched to Windows 11 and want to tell you about our experience 🙂

When we discovered that our computers were ready to meet Windows 11 requirements, we almost immediately hit the update button. We know how tricky Windows updates can be: something stops working, and something just disappears from the interface forever…

MyChat team took all the risks! 

Surprisingly, nothing terrible happened. MyChat is a corporate chat-server program, and it is important that the whole system must work uninterruptedly. 

First, we checked the server. MyChat Server is ready for work “out of the box”: 

MyChat Server on Win 11
MyChat Server

Yes, we stan icons in the middle of the taskbar, deal with it 🙂

How to manage your own server for business?

The clients have also handled well this transition. However, MyChat for Windows is left without rounded corners:

MyChar Client on Win 11
MyChat Client for Windows

But this flaw deals with some UI nuances that are going to be fixed in the future. Other features work just fine — no crashes, freezes, etc.

MyChat Client Alternative for Windows is also running as usual, with no visible issues so far:

MyChat Client ALt. on Win 11
MyChat Client Alternative

In the corporate world, they always do not rush with changes. If it’s working — leave it alone 🙂 But this policy is not always good. Sooner or later the old computer or operating system stops working, and it would take a long time for an emergency switch. This comes from our experience with users 🙂

MyChat corporate software works perfectly on Windows 11, we totally recommend trying it yourself!

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