MyChat 2023.6 was released on September 5, 2023.

This update will be more significant for users who work with MyChat Free Edition. The point is that the free version has a set of limitations, and we have removed some of them. Now it is possible to use encryption and there is no 1-year period of free use — freedom indeed 🙂

The limitation list for MyChat Free Edition is now the following:

  • Only 20 online users can work simultaneously.
  • Each dialogue window displays a message about a free version.
  • The “About” window displays the text “UNREGISTERED VERSION”.
  • Browse message history only for the last month.
  • GPS tracking contains information only for the current day.
  • A limited number of PUSH notifications for Android/iOS platforms.
  • MyChat Guest service is disabled.
  • Bots are disabled.

Of course, we have also fixed issues and bugs from reports that we received from our users during the past few months.

That is all, actually.

This summer was productive for troubleshooting. We want to make this autumn plentiful with new features 😉

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