Perhaps, the time has come. The time when artificial intelligence moved to another level and continues improving each day.

You have probably heard of MIdjourney or ChatGPT. The first one deals with images: you type words describing how the picture should look, and then AI returns a couple of options. We have tried it and used one of the images in our blog post (not the preview one):

Sometimes images are so creative, that real artists start getting nervous 🙂

The second one is more familiar to us. It deals with dialogues. You ask questions and ChatGPT answers them and supports the topic of the conversation. The examples are right on the landing page of the official website, we recommend checking it. 

And we are also thrilled by the possible drama this technology can create for search engines (hello, Google!)

MJ popcorn

Anyways, let’s talk about how useful AI can be for non-entertaining things.

As a company gets bigger and stores a large amount of information, it needs stronger security measures. When working on LAN without an internet connection, there are much easier to protect data as you only have to track internal connections.

But dealing with external communication requires more attention because it’s always unpredictable: human factor, restless hackers, breaches, etc.

Deploying a well-trained AI in a company network may prevent variously hidden dangers.

Hackers launch so many attacks each day, and most of them can be unknown and imperceptible the first time. AI can recognize any sneaky threat, analyze and stop it.

It is also relevant for an internal network: AI process all the data shared in a company detects unusual behavior and informs the security department. It can prevent data breaches caused by inattentive or even disloyal employees.

Our developer team hopes to work with such technology. We made MyChat as autonomous as possible with all the necessary tools and features without installing additional third-party software.

Artificial intelligence for teamwork

A long time ago we have implemented a bot called Elisa into the chat.

Artificial intelligence in MyChat. Elisa the bot >>>

The bot’s task was to automatically create conference rooms in the program. Now, this bot has multiple tasks: managing auto-created conferences, notifying users about events and actions made on the internal forum, and Kanban project management, birthday greetings,  displaying exchange rates, and other things. 

With the help of scripts (MyChat has its own scripting language), the bot’s capabilities can be extended to the level when all routine actions would perform automatically.

Improving this technology takes a lot of time, imagination, and attention. We consider various ideas and plan to work on Elisa’s intelligent features on a whole new level.

AI in Mass Effect
EDI — an AI from the game “Mass Effect”
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