Using modern technologies taught us a lot of things: we learned how to build relations in a digital world, how to find the desired information, and how to manage business communication via various services and software.

However, the question of security and privacy is always relevant as people prefer simpler ways of controlling the information shared over the network. 

To prevent unpleasant unauthorized access to a company’s sensitive data, it is essential to work out all important security measures.

Choosing the data storage location

There are two options: public services (cloud) or on-premise solutions (hosting a server in your organization).

Cloud services are easy to use, you do not really have to configure anything — usually, everything is ready for work. However, storing essential data on public servers is always at risk.

Hackers never rest, so it is important to do as much as possible to prevent information leaks: keep passwords strong and updated, make backups regularly, and set up two-factor authorization if available.

On-premise software is a whole different world. Yes, it requires some time to figure everything out, but in the end, you are the boss in full control of your data.

Stable network

External and internal networks must work smoothly and independently. When hosting a server in its own private network, ensure that its work won’t be interrupted by emergency situations such as power outages, etc.

Configuring a chat in a local network

Access management

It is hard to monitor access attempts to your business communication environment when working in a cloud — it’s all on the provider’s side. However, some vendors allow checking what devices are connected to an account (e.g Telegram). If there are suspicious actions, it is possible to terminate a device.

In self-hosting software, it’s fewer worries. A private server is not visible to the public, and it’s always possible to use tools for checking any connection performed in a program.


An encrypted database is always a must — whether you work internally or over the internet. Organization data should only be available on local devices.

Healthy relations with employees

All measures are almost useless when there is a human factor. personal responsibility and attention are crucial for safe workflow. If your teammate is not satisfied or even angry about something, they would expose information without the internet, or devices. Kindness and healthy business relations build success.

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