The evolution of technology is always a good thing as it brings more options for creativity and extends possibilities. With the internet and a wide variety of software, we can learn, work, teach, and make a business without leaving our homes.

However, if the new technology blows up and becomes extremely popular, it means that sooner or later some bad guys will find out how to make a personal profit from it.

The incident with ChatGPT extension for Chrome

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If you visit the internet at least once a day, you have probably heard of ChatGPT. This is an artificial intelligence chatbot that can participate in the conversations almost like a real human being. Everyone just lost their minds with this thing 🙂 The news about this technology is still relevant as developers are going to release a new version.

Of course, scammers could not miss the opportunity to use people’s excitement against them.

Thus, hackers developed an extension for the Chrome browser that allegedly gives quick access to ChatGPT options. But in reality, scammers used backdoors to hijack Facebook business accounts and post malicious content to involve more victims. Hackers attack large businesses with a big audience to make as much harm as possible all at once.

The following advice is to double-check the vendors of any software. In this case, Google let a malicious extension in their store, which proves that even large corporates can’t provide decent security when working publicly. People trust Google, and it failed them.

Facebook is a public marketplace that always has issues with privacy. We recommend using self-hosted software for your business such as MyChat instant messaging system.

Another example of exploiting modern technology is AI-generated YouTube videos.

Scammers steal a Youtuber’s account (via social engineering) and post videos that look legitimate and harmless. Unfortunately, such videos are not only misleading but contain links to malicious software and websites.

The following advice is to protect your public social media with strong passwords and two-step verification to prevent yourself from losing your reputation and customer trust.

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