Learning about self-hosting can change peoples’ minds about technology and information security.

We mainly use unreliable public services because it’s simple: you register and use the tools you need. Yes, using such services can save some time and resources, but it doubtedly can provide decent privacy for any shared information.

When the pandemic covid-19 happened, a lot of people switched to remote work including educational institutions. At first, it was chaos, as teachers and students had to learn about new technologies to continue the studying process. Zoom, Teams, Viber, and Telegram groups and chats — everything was in the game.

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Remote work experience 🙂

A lot of misunderstandings due to missed messages, crashes, and service outages happened. This was and is beyond inconvenient.

Importance of privacy during the studying process

Students are children which means their data privacy is a top priority, the same as in hospitals with patient confidential information.

Everything students share with each other in schools, and universities should strongly be supervised, especially when we talk about public internet resources. There are a lot of dangers over the internet, and it is highly important to aware teachers, parents, and children about possible threats and how to avoid them.

Self-hosting applications for safe communication

Self-hosting is the practice of managing own private server and services connected to it. In other words, you install a server application on a computer and connect client applications to it.

The server includes tools and features for deploying a safe communication environment between students and teachers.

For example, MyChat Server provides access rights for allowing/prohibiting using some of MyChat features: one group of students can use voice calls, but others don’t. You do not want them to send files or images? You can also do it in the server’s settings.

MyChat Server can not only be used for business but for educational purposes too!

MyChat includes other helpful tools that can not only be helpful during studying but can also help to learn about secure collaboration with or without an internet connection.

Bulletin board, broadcasts, task management, an internal forum for sharing knowledge and experience — all in one place hosted on a private secure server under your full control.

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