Hybrid work is a model of employment that a company provides for its employees to work both in the office and remotely.

Of course, the pandemic that started in the year of 2020 definitely set a lot of trends for all areas of life including the corporates. It was a challenge indeed.

Hybrid work allowed teams to find a balance between personal life and work because sometimes it’s better to stay home when feeling unwell or work in the office when home conditions do not meet the organization’s requirements.

The very first challenge of hybrid work is decent communication. It is important to keep internal and external teams connected without any digital chaos. MyChat can help to unite both remote and in-office teams.

MyChat is a flexible tool and can be used for various purposes.

  • Real-time communication: instant messaging, files, and document sharing.
  • Group chats with voice conferencing option to unite departments and remote teams.
  • One-to-one voice, video, and screen-sharing calls.
  • Project management: assigning tasks directly from a chat window.
  • Bulk messaging with tracking read status.
  • With an internal knowledge base, remote teams can make presentations with images and videos, or subscribe to topics regarding organization life and plans.

Moreover, MyChat instant messenger is a self-hosted program which makes it more secure with all administration tools and features.

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Even though all the data is stored on a server on the organization’s computer and is not exposed publicly, the database is additionally encrypted by dynamic session keys via the TLS 1.2 protocol.

Overall, MyChat is a great tool for working in LAN and over the internet making hybrid work well-organized and productive.

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