If you type “secure file sharing” in your search, the first results will be filled with public clouds and services that allow uploading and sharing documents quickly and easily.

And it is indeed convenient when you can upload, edit and share files and documents online without installing anything.

However, sometimes people pay a high price for such simplicity.

File sharing via cloud storage. Is it private?

Cloud privacy meme

Why the cloud storage is called “cloud”? Because it is located far away from you: you can’t see them, you do not know what they look like. But the most important part is that you can’t be sure that people who manage cloud servers are loyal and provide all necessary privacy measures.

Of course, all services claim that they use the latest technology and apply all security means. But how a regular person can check it for validity?

Besides, hackers find ways of stealing information by mimicking popular cloud services. An unaware person would not tell the difference between a real and a fake website — that is how good a scammer can be.

There is even a term called “doxing” (applying to “Google docs“)that applied to situations when scammers use the information found in documents posted publicly. Sometimes people’s desire to overshare creates a huge problem. That is what happened to a Discord member who leaked top secret files to a “closed chat group”. The human factor is not a joke too 🙂

That is why people who care about their sensitive documents and files should look for other ways of file transferring.

Safe file transfer in MyChat

MyChat instant messenger hosts on its own server. In other words, you manage a private cloud on a computer where you can manage the server the way it is most convenient to you.

Besides a big set of collaboration tools, MyChat provides its own internal forum or knowledge base, where a team can share documents, guides, and files on a thematic branch.

Moreover, MyChat allows the creation of public folders for convenient and Secure file sharing along with a team (and not a whole world).

MyChat file share
MyChat file storage menu
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