If you are familiar with MyChat, you know how complex yet valuable this software is. Enterprises, small businesses, on-premise networks, and self-hosting — MyChyat deal with all of these. But what about the Internet of Things?

What is the Internet of Things?

In simple words, the Internet of Things (or IoT) is a network of physical devices that contain software for connecting and exchanging data with other devices over the Internet.

The examples of Internet of Things are smart watches, smart homes, security systems — basically, anything that combines different technology for some specific purposes.

IoT collects data from all devices over the network and helps to create a full picture of the process.

Can MyChat be considered an IoT system?

In some way — yes it can. Let’s find out how.

MyChat is a client-server application. The server itself is useless without a client and clients won’t work without the server. MyChat works over the local network or externally — via the internet. The server collects and processes information about clients: presence status change, location, device type, read statuses, etc.

It handles all the features and services available in MyChat client: task management, built-in forum, broadcasts, announcements, and file transfer.

Moreover, MyChat Server synchronizes information for all its devices.

For a boss MyChat is Internet of employees 🙂 A boss can plan their futher action based on the information he collects from employees’ devices: who read messages and who skips them, who passes task deadline in a project, who has always away status, and who sneaks out of the building during working hours.

MyChat help to visualize the working process and set up workflow the way the most suits a company.

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