MyChat 2023.5 was released on August 3, 2023.

This update mostly deals with improvements for Integration API technology in MyChat.

Integration API

Integration API allows binding MyChat with other software systems in a company. This technology serves us for a long period of time, but we had to make some changes and improvements.

In the official documentation, we added a couple of parameters used in commands. One of them is “context” for better understanding responses to commands in asynchronous queries.

Moreover, we added new commands to the list that deal with getting information about the user, setting up a conference topic, or searching the conference identifier (UID) by using its name, etc.

A new system for logs

MyChat Client logging system received some changes too. It was made for compatibility with SysLog standard. Now all log events are divided into 6 categories: FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, and TRACE.

All these categories help to analyze the program’s behavior and make troubleshooting much easier.

Other improvements

New settings for message editing, and working with MyChat account manager.

MyChat Client automatically changes the language to English when you open the console.

A couple of improvements for the IP filtering system: errors contain more information for better troubleshooting.

Message history no longer scrolls down when a new message comes.

Official release article: “MyChat 2023.5 — Integration API update

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