A MyChat on-premise messaging system is versatile and flexible. With a large set of tools on a self-hosted server, entrepreneurs can improve their communication environment. Protecting information from breaching is always important, especially for a business that an entrepreneur puts their heart to.

Let’s start with the fact, that being a businessman means you almost never rest and sit peacefully in an office. Meetings with partners, deals, and business trips — sometimes there is no time to open a laptop. Nonetheless, everything must be under control.

Nowadays, our mobile phones are not only a device for making calls. This is a little gadget that keeps us updated on news, personal life, and work. Being able to access information from any place at any time is truly a game changer.

How MyChat instant messenger for Android can be helpful for entrepreneurs?

MyChat for Android is a private messaging application that provides the most crucial features for keeping decent communication conditions both between entrepreneurs and partners, entrepreneurs and employees.

  • secure communication: MyChat for Android operates via the MyChat Server where all data is encrypted by dynamic keys of the TLS 1.2 protocol;
  • convenient file sharing (images, documents, etc.) directly from a gallery or a phone camera;
  • groups chats with voice conferencing;
  • bulk notification system:
MyChat broadcasting: notifying a team about the event

All these features in one application help to avoid switching between different apps during rush hours.

Moreover, for those who d not have time to host the server on their own, MyChat developers provide an option to rent a server.

MyChat for entrepreneurs is a great balance between privacy and convenience.

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