How to not miss an important message sent to a terminal session?

Perhaps, you have seen a terminal session or server without knowing what it that.

It looks like a regular desktop with a specific program to work with reports, cash registers, and other documents.

However, you may not notice a blue header with some numbers which means this computer is connected to a remote server somewhere in the organization’s chief office.

Terminal server scheme
Terminal session scheme

Those numbers are the IP address of the server. Thus, one powerful server is in charge of all running programs on technically weaker computers. Such a strategy saves resources and provides better administration with improved security.

Troubles with notifications

When a user launches a remote desktop with certain programs, their own local environment works in the background. If there is other software besides the terminal one, you may miss some notifications.

The reason is that terminal sessions are in priority. Then why not install all the necessary programs on this server? Because it can’t handle all users at once, especially in large organizations.

MyChat in a terminal session

MyChat instant messaging system won’t allow you to miss any kind of messages. Announcements, bulk messages, or regular messages in a work chat always reach their recipient.

MyChat provides settings for displaying the chat window above all other windows including terminal sessions.

MyChat notification settings

Besides, even if these checkboxes are disabled, the tray will indicate new messages.

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