Enterprise chat is usually complex software that provides instant messaging features and other collaboration tools to work in a company network or remotely via the Internet.

Such chat programs for work have already become an integral part of business communication as they help manage workflow on different levels: from task assigning to users access rights. Moreover, you can use enterprise software not only for connecting remote teams but also for improving relations with customers.

Enterprise chat benefits

Organized team and projects means productivity. Enterprise software is even more than that.

  1. Quicker replies than an email. Emails take longer time to deliver — sometimes estimated time counts by hours. Besides, some letters are delivered into a “Spam” folder due to various technical issues.
    Instant chats are time-saving and messages are guaranteed to be sent.
  2. Creating channels according to projects. There must be no chaos in a professional chat. Each department should be able to create its own channel for discussing project-based tasks.
  3. Faster file sharing. Enterprise chats provide reliable and faster file sharing (documents, images) with the Drag&Drop option and thumbnails.
  4. Synchronized devices. Remote teams have to keep up with the office team. That is why all shared information must be synchronized instantly on all devices.

Important features that every enterprise software must have

Enterprise software is not only about professional messaging but security measures too. Privacy-focused applications can reduce the risk of being attacked by scammers or hackers.

  • Option to work both internally over the company’s local network (no external connections), and over the Internet.
  • Self-hosted server that is managed by the company administration only.
  • Strict user management: access rights or limitations.
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