Decent office chat is the key to stable communication and uninterrupted workflow. Modern businesses depend on reliable means of collaboration as the variety of cyberattacks grows gradually.

What are the basic features of a modern office chat?

  • Ability to work in local office network and over the internet. This option of hybrid connection significantly reduces the chances of hacking.
  • Instant messages with guaranteed delivery and read control. For example, a team leader sends an important bulk message and wants to make sure, every person reads it. Some chat messengers provide an option, when you need to reply to confirm you read a message, otherwise the window won’t disappear.
  • Reliable file sharing and storage. Files and images of any extension and size must be sent quickly.
  • Chat rooms that are sorted according to departments for convenience.
  • Video and voice conferences are important for remote teams.

An office chat must also be secure enough, even if a team works without an internet connection. Additional privacy measures are never enough 🙂

Office chats and data security

Basic secure features for an office chat program would be:

  • Non-public server. Trusting business or personal data to third-party public services causes inevitable damage. Cloud platforms are also always at risk due to the growing number of cyberattack cases.

    Self-hosted software that operates on its own servers that are located in a company network is a game-changer for those who care about data privacy.
  • Access control and other management tools that allow configured collaboration according to the ogranization’s policy.

You may spend some time finding the perfect office chat for your team, but in perspective, all the measures and meticulous selection save you time, money, and years of work.

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