Increased level of cybercrimes forces public governmental organizations to switch from cloud services and software to on-premises solutions.

hackmageddon chart
Targets of cyber-attacks

 While private companies care about reputation in order to keep their financials stable, government agencies stick to privacy regulations according to local laws and work to increase citizens’ trust.

Why do governmental organizations need on-premises software?

  • Complete control over sensitive data. Only the organization can manage the information;
  • Complete privacy. No third-party interference. No public servers.
  • Flexibility. An organization should be able to configure the software according to its needs.

You never get this with cloud services or software with public servers, because you never know who manages them, and who can access data for personal purposes.

On-premise proprietary software for secure communication

MyChat set of applications
MyChat software

MyChat is a client-server program that works on a local network and over the internet too. 

MyChat structure
MyChat architecture

The client includes all the necessary collaboration tools: instant messaging, voice and video calls, screen sharing, project management, knowledge base/internal forum, and bulk messages. Available for all platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and WEB.

MyChat Server stores all the data securely processes a lot of actions made in MyChat Client and manages privacy options. It is the core of the MyChat ecosystem where you can not only configure anything but extend the program’s abilities.

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