MyChat is a self-hosted messenger and a private server. Providing the most essential tools for teamwork this software became one of the most independent programs available on the market.

Owning a private server for business or personal use is always a good option as you are in charge of all the information you have stored in your organization.

Despite the fact that MyChat does not require specific skills to manage the server some people might still find it quite challenging. We do not judge them for that. We understand that people get used to applications that are simpler. 

But we should remember that this simplicity does not walk side by side with proper security measures and stability.  For example, recently, the popular app WhatsApp experienced a global outage for 2 hours. Missed messages, missed opportunities, and time. 

It is not that easy to find a balance between convenient use and decent privacy.

In MyChat, we provide an option to rent MyChat Server. You decide what setting are relevant for your organization, and our team apply them on the server.

What are the cons of renting a private server?

  • No need to purchase an IP address for hosting a server.

The MyChat team set up everything and provide support when necessary.

  • Secure connection, unlike other cloud services.

Allow access only for approved and reliable IP addresses.

  • An affordable price — for example, renting 30 connections costs $15 per month compared to $200 when purchasing it fully.

However, there are cases when people switch from renting to self-hosting because we provide a one-time payment with an option to subscribe for updates (optional, but recommended). You can also switch from self-hosting to renting if an organization decides that it’s relevant.

To rent a private chat server, write to [email protected], specify the number of connections you need, and the MyChat team will provide help with other details.

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