On-premise messenger MyChat is an independent program with its own server, and complex of all the tools needed for convenient teamwork.

With or without an internet connection, MyChat’s main features are ready to work properly:

Even though MyChat includes so many features, some companies still need more. That is why we integrate with services that are important and useful for corporate communication.

MyChat integrations

Mychat is integrated with Telegram: you can exchange messages via a special bot. When a MyChat user is offline, all private messages sent to him appear in the Telegram dialogue.

MyChat messages from Telegram
Sending/receiving messages between MyChat Client for WIndowsand Telegram

The option to send images is available too. In general, you will never miss messages from your work chat!

Telegram messages from MyChat
Sending/receiving images between Telegram and MyChat.

If you need to check someone’s IP,  you can enable integration with GeoIP. This feature might be helpful when, for example, you provide a service whose conditions vary regarding a user’s region or country.

The integration with Asterisk allows calling to a teammate without remembering his company’s internal number.

If you are a cool programmer and want to create something new with on-premise MyChat messenger, here are examples of what you can do with MyChat API with the following programming languages: C#, Python, Java.

Does your organization use the phpbb forum? Here is the guide on how to set up MyChat to receive messages posted on the forum. We use this integration on a daily basis as we communicate with our users every day, and it helps us to respond to each question quicker.

MyChat message from a forum
A message from a forum in MyChat Client (alternative application)
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