Blade runnerd ads on the streets
Future advertising. A scene from “Blade Runner 2049

Have you ever asked yourself the question when the longest time you did not see an ad was? In a sleep, probably 🙂 Commercial campaigns follow us everywhere: on our way to work, in our business messenger,  at home, during holidays and traveling, on the TV and Internet, and when we eat or drink.

It has become a part of our everyday life, there is no escape! 🙂 Ok, let’s not be that dramatic. Ads are not going anywhere, the only thing we can do is keep them away from our professional life and business messenger. It is important because overstimulating with unnecessary information drains our energy making it impossible to focus on important things.

Sometimes ads become so annoying, that it reaches the government level forcing authorities to step in. Thus, The Data Protection Commission in Ireland decided to punish Mark Zukerberg’s Meta for mandatory consent to receive targeted ads without any other option to choose from. The audacity cost $414 million. However, we doubt this action did any harm to Meta — the company is used to these situations.

Ads in messengers

When focused, the last thing we want to see is a commercial. Popular messengers such as Viber, WhatsApp, and Telegram consist of ads of various kinds. For example, Telegram places ads in public channels, and Viber “mixes” them between personal chats:

Viber ads in a phone
An ad among Viber dialogues

A business messenger for work without third-party ads

Public “free” messengers are not convenient for business communication — sooner or later they will be filled with ads. Choosing on-premise software allows not only getting rid of third-party apps but also provides privacy and controllability for confidential or sensitive data.

MyChat self-hosted messenger does not consist of ads or hidden commercials. MyChat for Android and iOS work on a local network and over the internet — both options provide privacy with Open SSL technology.

There are free and commercial versions of MyChat. A free version does not include ads or third-party links.

MyChat is also available on Windows, Linux, macOS, and WEB (browsers).

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