Providing decent measures for enterprise security is essential when working with confidential and non-public data.

In 2023, with a variety of different modern technology, especially artificial intelligence, the risks of being hacked or scammed increased.

What are the main measures for protecting enterprise business data? Let’s take a look at them.

Switching from cloud to on-premise storage

Working in the cloud may seem easy and money/time-saving. However, most of the news about breaches highlights cases with cloud services.

Nowadays, on-premise (software deployed on premise network) applications are ready to work after regular installation.

A perfect example is the MyChat instant messaging system. This collaboration software provides privacy with its own server that a company control itself. Convenient settings allow configure protection for information shared between employees bother via internal and external (over the internet) networks.

Regular backups

Backups are the Holy Grail of enterprise security. It must be done on a regular basis to avoid additional inconveniences.

MyChat provides automatic backups with simple settings:

MyChat Server: backups
Configuring automated backup process on MyChat Server

Permissions and limitations

An enterprise is usually a big organization with many departments. Not always they should interact with each other, and not always all employees should have access to certain collaboration tools and features. For example, only the enterprise security team can have access Administrative control panel of the server. Or perhaps you need to allow one department to use file exchange and forbid another.

Such options are necessary and crucial for large organizations in order to protect against data leaks internally.

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