Increased risks of using cloud services due to the unstable and tense worldwide situations make people switch to more secure means of communication — internal software.

In this article you will learn:

What is internal software?

Internal software is software that is able to work without an internet connection. Such software is deployed in a local network.

When a company wants to focus on internal tasks, they install software that is independent from external services.

You may hear of other synonyms for internal software — self-hosted or on-premise. The meaning is literally in the names: you are physically hosting a server in a private network of premise building.

Self-hosted server vs. cloud — main differences

Differences between secure internal on-prem software and cloud software
Basic differences between internal on-premise software and public cloud storage

Advantages of secure internal software

There are many pros of deploying internal software for businesses:

  • information security and privacy because of nonpublic servers;
  • productivity-focused work process (no external internet means no distractions);
  • custom settings according to a company’s needs;
  • better support from vendors and developers;
  • affordable pricing plans;
  • Complete control over data shared in the organization.

Free and secure chat for teams

MyChat instant messenger with a self-hosted server provides all the necessary tools for decent internal communication.

MyChat for Windows: different interfaces
MyChat clients for Windows: main and alternative versions.

You set up and control a server yourself by applying special permissions and assigning rights for users to access different messenger’s features.

MyChat Server: permissions
MyChat Server: the section for managing rights and permissions for users

MyChat team provides a free plan without trial periods: use the program as much as you want, but consider insignificant limitations.

MyChat Free Edition is a perfect match for small teams of up to 20 people. The internal chat is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and WEB.

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