MyChat 2023.2 was released on April 24. It has been 3 months since our last update release. The changes mostly deal with conferences and optimizations.

  1. Closing and removing conferences
  2. Renaming conferences
  3. Optimization
  4. Improvements for MyChat on Android and iOS

1. Closing and removing conferences in client applications

These features were highly requested and necessary for extending program functionality.

Similar but yet different two options for managing conferences allow controlling the chat even more. Closing a conference works like archiving — all members leave the conference that becomes blocked.

2. Renaming conferences

Previously, we had to close a conference and create a new one. All the changes are applied instantly. Note, that the letter case for the conference name matters: “work CHAT” and “WoRk Chat” are the same names. We do not want duplicate insecure conferences on our work chat 🙂

3. Optimizations on a server’s side

Improved cache system, and better algorithms for reducing the load during network disruptions. Console commands for removing message history work faster and can be applied for offline users too.

4. Improvements for mobile devices

MyChat for iPhone can switch from an internal to an external server address. MyChat for Android uploads files faster and supports Android 13.

Official news:

MyChat 2023.2 — improved conferences

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