The latest version of MyChat 2023.3 is not rich in new features but still important. Let’s take a quick look at the main changes.

Redesigned Help page in MyChat 2023.3

MyChat old Help was not convenient for use with no decent search. Now it is adaptive for all devices and works without an internet connection (over LAN). There are still small fixes to be made but they do not impact the Help functionality.

Rrdesigned Help page in MyChat 2023.3
Redesigned Help page in MyChat 2023.3

If you see any errors or mistakes, please, feel free to inform us in the comments.

Improved obscene words filter

Sometimes emotions take over, and you can’t resist writing into a team chat “What the heck!”. Unfortunately, it is not welcome in the corporate world. Actually, you can curse and write insults in a work discussion, but MyChat hides it all 🙂 Especially now, when we improved the filter and added options for importing your own lists of obscene words that you do not want to see.

To check other fixes and improvements, read the official news article:

MyChat 2023.3 — a new Help

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