Productivity management is an integral part of the workflow. If an employer has good skills in planning, organizing, and resource management, then they have all the chances to reach all the goals.

There are some of the relevant trends to boost productivity in a company:

  • Using artificial intelligence. Some won’t agree because they think AI is taking jobs away, etc. But we do not think so. We believe that the use of artificial intelligence can help both employers and employees to complete some routine tasks quickly and focus on more complicated challenges.
  • Option to work remotely. More and more people search for a job that offers an option to work from home. Not all companies are ready to switch completely, but still, there must be an option that allows employees not only to save their budget but keep their mental and physical health in shape.
  • Improving collaboration skills. Providing convenient means of collaboration allow teams to be more creative and open about new ideas. For example, deploying an internal forum inspire experienced workers to share their knowledge with senior employees.

Sticking to these trends can significantly improve the working process and reduce stress before large projects.

Other helpful tips can vary and depend on chief management. However, some of them are very common but still are ignored due to task overload. But there will always be new tasks and projects, and we need to learn how to manage them to avoid chaos.

Managing tasks on the MyChat Kanban board

The worst enemy of productivity is anxiety. Thus, lunch breaks or any other short distraction activity can defuse the tension both physically and mentally.

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