September of 2023 became unpleasant for these companies. Hackers never let go of public services and always find a way to annoy them. But the real thing is that the only one who faces and deals with these attacks is regular users.

Facebook and phishing attacks

Phishing is one of the most popular cyberattacks distributed via messengers and emails. Scammers hijack personal or business accounts and send archived malicious files via Facebook Messenger.

As soon as a user clicks on a file they activate the deployment of a dangerous program that steals login data.

Unfortunately, there is nothing Meta can do about this. We recommend using stronger passwords, 2-step authorization, and checking suspicious files and links via special services (e.g. VirusTotal).

For business purposes, use professional secure software.

Github exposed repositories

GitHub is the most popular platform for developers that helps organize and share code with a remote team. Unfortunately, the company discovered a new vulnerability that allows attackers to modify the repository creation process and mess with usernames.

The result is 4000 hijacked code packages on the most trusted open-source platform.

Outlook security breach

Microsoft’s emailing service Outlook was targeted by a Chinese hacker who performed harmful operations with inactive signing tokens to compromise accounts. The attacker gained access to a Microsoft support account using social engineering methods, and somehow it worked.

No security measure can compete with a human factor 🙂

Using Outlook might be convenient for Microsoft users because it is an integrated service and should work reliably. Unfortunately, being the most famous software vendor does not guarantee 100% security.

Thus, businesses that are ready to improve their privacy should consider other specialized software that works faster and reliably compared to mailing services.

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